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Legal technology is making an enormous impact on legal professions around the world, yet very little (if anything) is taught at university about the types of technology and how they are used. This magazine aims to give those at the junior end of their legal careers an understanding of how law and technology are converging. Our story is told in a little more detail here.

Our Story

Our Content

In our bi-monthly magazine we will look at the various ways law and technology are converging, such as process improvement, legal innovation and implications on legal practice.

We will include interviews from those in the legal profession or those who support its growth. The modernisation of legal professions is a global phenomenon so we also aim to publish articles from authors around the world.

Our more recent offering also includes book and event reviews, as well as a career section which aims to assist those looking to get into a legal tech career.

Meet the Team

Marc May

Managing Editor and Founder

Former soldier and mushroom farmer. Now an automation specialist and qualified solicitor. Enthused by legal tech and how it is changing the legal sector.


Becky Baker

Global Editor

Former violinist and organist (and amateur drummer). Future trainee solicitor excited about the potential of technology to transform the practice of law.


Stephenie Ong

Junior Editor

Aspiring solicitor determined to realise the legal technology revolution. Musical theatre geek, open-mic singer and lover of all things tech.


William T. White

Editor - Europe

IT consultant turned trainee solicitor. I like contracts, dead languages, and exploring the true value of legaltech solutions.


Tiffany M. Sillanpää

Editor - North America

Former IT Risk consultant turned lawyer with a key interest in the intersection between law and technology. Currently in the process of legal qualification in Canada, the USA, and the UK.


Marzia Di Bella

Marketing Manager

Former professional sportswoman racing on the snowboard for the Austrian national team and passionate beach volleyball player. Experienced marketeer specialised in strategic marketing using technology. Aspiring solicitor who has taken an unconventional path into law. Fascinated by the intersection of business, law and technology.


Roslyn Lai

Editor - Asia Pacific

Hello everyone! My name is Roslyn, I am an upcoming LLM student at Tsinghua University in Beijing. This year, I have just completed the PCLL, a professional legal qualification programme in Hong Kong. Outside of work and studies, I really enjoy travelling!

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