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Assessing your readiness for Document Automation


The Legal Tech Toolkit recently created a Document Automation Readiness Review here.

What is it?

The Review allows SMEs to assess their readiness for legal document automation. The output of the Review is a report in PDF format which provides general advice on preparation for document automation, an assessment of readiness and a recommendation based on user input of outstanding points the organisation might want to do before they look at tools. The recommendation is tailored based on the input given in the questionnaire.

Who is it for?

The Review is focused on SMEs looking to automate their legal contracting processes but don’t really know where to start or have made some preparations but want to assess whether they could do more to maximise efficiency gains post-implementation.

Why would I need this review?

There is a misconception that legal technology is a silver bullet that will improve any legal process. Technology may well improve the processes you have but by how much is really down to preparation. Greater efficiency gains for document automation can be made by carrying out the ‘boring’ stuff before you even look at tools. This preparation is key to making sure your organisation’s processes have been streamlined, documents are up to date, documents standardised and templated, and time has been taken for change management and post-implementation maintenance. If the steps in the Review are carried out then it will improve your return on investment, and ultimately save you time and money later.

What is the review process?

To get your Review you will need to go to this page and fill out information on your preparations for document automation to date. Once submitted, you will then be able to view your report, as well as receive a copy via email.

How much does it cost?

It’s free.

What if I have any issues or need further information?

This can be done by contacting us here.