Legal Tech Toolkit


This toolkit has been created to help in-house teams in SMEs, small law firms and legal aid charities. Many of these organisations will have been detrimentally impacted by the covid-19 outbreak. This toolkit aims to provide some options for those organisations to digitise and make their operations more efficient. We will be adding more tools on a weekly basis, which will contain offers specifically for these organisations.

The current toolkit contains offers from legal tech vendors from around the world. We hope in the coming weeks and months the available options swell to contain many different tools. If you're company is interested in providing an offer then please do click the 'Add your company' button on the toolbar above.

In the coming months, we are keen to add functionality which is able to create a toolkit based specifically on a particular organisation's make up and profile (e.g. law firm with X lawyers primarily doing Y practice area and based in Z country).

Any questions or queries please direct them to our Managing Editor by clicking here.

Please feel free to follow updates on LinkedIn here. We will be posting updates on new listings and functionality, as well as providing content on tech implementation.

Add your company

We are looking for offers from legal tech vendors from around the world. In particular, we are keen to add to our list offers for free access over the pandemic period, reduced rates for particular organisations (e.g. legal aid charities) or extended trial periods. If your company is able to make offers to these organisations then please do get in touch with us here.