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Legal Operations Index – Edo Bar-Gil


Edo Bar-Gil is CEO and Founder of Lawflex Designed Solutions which deals with Legal Operations customized solutions. He is described as a pioneer in the field of Legal Operations who “leads a huge community of in-house and external attorneys interested in legal tech” and within that community he shares his “knowledge and helps members to pave their way as legal tech professionals”. His unique approach looks at legal as part of all processes, allowing him to undertake document, transaction and digital transformation projects across multiple business functions within organisations.

He has been added to the Legal Operations Index for the following achievements:

  • He is a leader of the Legal Operations movement in Israel and has established the first ever Legal Operations Forum there.
  • Edo has been described as “a visionary whose main interest revolves around the need to make legal work easier and more efficient”.
  • He is a mentor and a consultant for legal firms and in-house legal departments who seek to improve their performance. Edo helps them to understand their needs and goals, to choose the right tools and to implement them successfully.
  • Supports the development of legal tech professionals and shares knowledge and ideas
  • Assists many leading organisations in their Legal Operations journey with his “very business oriented and practical approach”.
  • He developed a unique Legal Ops methodology called “The Five Pillars Method”, that has been adopted by many organisations (both companies and law firms), and has lectured and written articles on Legal Operations both in Israel and abroad.
  • Teaches and lectures on legal operations both in Israel and abroad.