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Legal Operations Index

Legal Operations Index – Gavin Ward


Having qualified as a commercial lawyer in 2010 with one of Scotland’s then top 4 commercial law firms (Maclay Murray & Spens LLP, now Dentons) Gavin has been involved in law and technology projects for over 10 years. Since 2013, he has been Operations Director at Moore Legal Technology.

He has been nominated for the following achievements:

  • He champions legal technology by working with law firms and lawyers, with the mission of helping modern, ambitious, forward-thinking, customer-focused law firms thrive, grow and reshape the legal services market by helping them attract, nurture and communicate with prospective and existing clients, particularly through more effective use of internet technologies.
  • With a recent Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) qualification from Strathclyde University, he has also been working with his team and with client law firms to develop new methodologies and new software to help lawyers generate more business through the internet, particularly with a new Client Intake Platform that can integrate with legal case management software, together with an online business generation platform under the brand “Your Law Firm Success™”.
  • In 2020, Gavin and his team helped to launch the “Your Law Firm Success Toolkit”, helping to drive technological change in law firms to allow and encourage them to adapt to a changing world and to deliver business continuity and growth. Some of the more modern technologies that helped with such change included optimised websites, Livechat, Appointment Setting, Video Conferencing, Online Payment and Client Intake Software, tools which many lawyers would not have considered in previous years.
  • Gavin also runs a personal blog at https://wardblawg.com/, which he started when he was a Trainee Solicitor, which helps to share legal technology updates and legal advice and information.