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Legal Operations Index – Jesper Løffler Nielsen


Jesper Løffler Nielsen holds a PHD in IT-law. Currently, he is a lawyer at the Danish law firm Focus Advokater headquartered in Odense, Denmark. As a certified IT-attorney, his main areas of expertise are IT-law and GDPR, and he has vast experience advising clients within the Danish tech-sector, including cloud-, robotics-, drone-, AdTech and AI-providers. His special interests are the frictions, conflicts, and inconsistencies between the old terminological regime of paper, pens, and tactile goods on one side and the new regime of data, digital and massive information flows on the other.

In his PHD (2016) Meta problems in IT law – practical studies of case law (2016), Jesper Løffler has conducted an in-depth study of a number of commercially relevant meta problems in IT-law including ‘data as property’ all of which stem from a classical Danish law tradition but encompass an international potential and transcend the national borders of Denmark. In a number of articles, Jesper Løffler Nielsen has elaborated on the transformation of culturally and historically founded metaphors that span from tactile to digital.

Jesper Løffler Nielsen has established himself among the Danish pioneers of GDPR with a strong academic and commercial commitment to the ongoing interpretation and translation of entire mental regimes and metaphors. In order to break down the silos between tech-developers and lawyers, he has launched an innovative approach to data protection and IT-law: a digital platform based on a Creative Commons-principle. The platform serves as both a library catalogue and a forum for scholars and commercial profiles to continuously debate and distribute knowledge related to the regulation of digital technologies as the technological development and commercial impact is high-paced and out-runs the slow progression of law making. The innovative strength of the platform is its focus on debate, knowledge-sharing, and information-gathering between professionals that have a history of keeping within their own silos.