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Validient - Onboarding & CompliancelinkiconRisk and ComplianceEuropeFree TrialTRY FOR 14 DAYS - NO USAGE LIMIT! Validient is offering a free trial of their platform for all of your digital client onboarding and compliance management needs. Get access to market leading KYB, KYC, and AML checks, proof of fund checks using open banking, risk monitoring, and real-time ongoing monitoring.Law Firm, SME
tabled.iolinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideFree TrialTabled's user-friendly cloud-based platform helps in-house legal teams to manage and optimize their matters, contracts, data and knowledge in one place. We also offer quote and panel management tools to support and improve the instruction of and collaboration with outside counsel. Document and workflow automation tools unlock opportunities for the legal team to optimize their own workflows while also empowering the organisation to self-serve. We offer 14 day free trials to for in-house legal departments.SME
LightHub InclinkiconOtherWorldwideDiscountGet LightHub Standard at LightHub Light price. LightHub is the single access point to a comprehensive suite of legal products. LightHub assists in-house legal, procurement and contracting teams to better manage their contracts. Our platform streamlines the contracting process from intake, through contract generation and negotiations, to execution.Law Firm; SME; Large Company
Barrister CMSlinkiconMatter ManagementEuropeFree TrialBarrister CMS is a new case management software created by highly experienced legal administrators specifically for self employed barristers. Its purpose us to collate all sources of case information, allow for the creation of task lists, diary management, document management and mostly importantly capturing fees. Simple to use income and expense records allow for an overview of outstanding fees and quick and easy preparation of VAT returns. All reports can be downloaded to excel. Free 30 day no obligation trial. Early adopters discounts available thereafter.Law Firm, SME
Hyperdraft, Inc.linkiconDocument AutomationUSFree TrialHyperDraft is an AI-powered, customized drafting, editing, and analysis software platform for legal professionals. HyperDraft�s team customizes its easy-to-use products and managed service solutions for each client so that clients can experience immediate value as soon as they start with HyperDraft without any extensive training or onboarding required. Try HyperDraft risk-free today for 30 days.Law Firm, SME, Large Company, Legal Aid Charity
Evolution Software, LLClinkiconDocument ReviewWorldwideFree TrialNOVO Compare delivers light, fast, and accurate document comparison for legal teams. Designed specifically to improve the user experience by reducing unnecessary clicks. NOVO will produce an accurate redline for both Word or PDF files. Try NOVO free today for 14 days!Law Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity; Large Company
PreliminelinkiconDocument AutomationWorldwideFree TrialLitKit automates tasks that waste litigators� time when drafting briefs and other legal documents so they can focus on substance rather than form. Prelimine is offering a free trial for all users, bulk discounts, and discounts for legal charities.Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity
App4LegallinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideFree TrialApp4Legal is the largest disruptor in EMEA in the legal-technology area. A comprehensive and easy to use modules from Matters, to Litigation Cases, Tasks, CRM, Time Billing, Entity Management, Legal Documents Management, Notifications, Contract Management and more for law-firms and in-house legal teams. App4Legal is offering a free trial of their matter management tool.Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity, Enterprise
CliolinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideFree TrialClio is the world's first-to-market and leading creator of cloud-based legal case management software, with over 150,000 customers spanning 90+ countries. Run your firm, organise matters and cases, and collaborate with clients from anywhere. Clio is offering a seven day free trial.Small Firm, SME
DocassemblelinkiconDocument AutomationWorldwideFree AccessDocassemble is an open source system for guided interviews and document assembly.Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity
MinuteBoxlinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideExtended Free TrialNo fees or payments until September 1, 2020 for the storage and management of minute books and corporate entities on the cloud-based MinuteBox platform.Small Firm, SME
Lexical LabslinkiconDocument ReviewEuropeFreemiumLexical Labs are offering a Freemium service for their Covid 19 Contract Portfolio Review tool, which reviews contract portfolios for contractual positions arising from Covid19. 25 contracts can be reviewed for free.Small Firm, SME
TaskeolinkiconMatter ManagementUSExtended Free TrialTaskeo has a variety of features that can streamline running a virtual law firm: project management, CRM, appointment scheduling, time tracking and billing (and more). They are offering a three month trial period for their Pro account.Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity
Smarter DrafterlinkiconDocument AutomationWorldwideFree AccessSmarter Drafter is a document automation company in Australia offering both off-the-shelf automated legal documents across a wide range of practice areas as well as custom automation of proprietary legal content. During the pandemic, they are offering their service free-of-charge to charities and anyone who can make a good case for it. They're also offering extended free trials to all new customers and discounted pricing to sole practitioners.Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity
ClauseBaselinkiconDocument AutomationWorldwideFree AccessClauseBase is a Belgian Legal Tech start-up that has built a powerful document automation tool primarily for lawyers and in-house counsel but it can be used by any organisation that wants to automate the drafting process of legal documents. They have just launched their Enthusiasts subscription which grants free access to their document automation platform (limitations apply please see website for more details). This offer is not limited in time and could be valuable for in-house teams in SMEs, small law firms and legal aid charities who are looking at ways to optimise their operations (time, cost and resources) which has become even more acute during these challenging times. Small Firm, SME, Legal Aid Charity
InstadraftlinkiconDocument AutomationAsiaFree AccessInstadraft are happy to offer their services for document automation free of cost to legal aid clinics, and at discounted rates for small firms and individual lawyers.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
FlowacelinkiconTime ManagementWorldwideFree AccessFlowace is the fully automated way for firms to track time. Flowace automatically categorises the time you spend working on different clients and projects. The time management feature runs in the background and it helps to check productivity. The system is very effective for a Work From Home Environment. Flowace provides prompt Remote Support. This is free for a company/firm up to 5 users per year. For everyone else there is a 90 day extended trial period.Small Firm
EngagelinkiconCustomer Relationship ManagementEuropeFree AccessEngage (by Family Law Lab) is a plug and play application designed for small family law departments or firms, which requires no internal expertise or resource and zero training. Family Law Lab are offering this free to Resolution members and charities (with at least one regulated professional).Small Firm; Legal Aid Charity
DPO CloudlinkiconKnow HowEuropeFree AccessDPO Cloud is a collaboration of data protection specialists helping business navigate the increasingly complex data protection regulations. They are providing their services free to any charity up to the end of June.Legal Aid Charity
Thread LegallinkiconMatter ManagementEuropeExtended Free TrialThread Legal are helping lawyers to overcome the business impact of Covid-19 with a 90 day free licence offering. Their case management system allows users to manage cases, emails, documents, clients, appointments, and do timekeeping.Small Firm; SME; Legal aid charity
Discovery GenielinkiconLitigation SupportUSFree AccessDiscovery Genie is waiving their $200 subscription fee. The Genie is a minimalist, less-is-more discovery tool to simplify document production for cases with up to 35,000 pages, needs no IT integrations, is cloud-based and takes less than an hour to master. We always offer free training and on-going support. Offer open to sole practitioners and small firms.Small Firm
Clause LogiclinkiconDocument AutomationUSFree AccessClause Logic provides fully customisable automated document drafting tools for lawyers, and is fully integrated in Microsoft Word. They would like to offer their software to users for free for the duration of this crisis. They hope that their software allows lawyers to serve more clients, and in doing so, help more people get the services they need during this time. Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
LifeiumlinkiconMatter ManagementEuropeExtended Free TrialLifeium are about to launch a Will creation app and a website portal for law firms to upscale their existing offering in the Will writing industry. Their app can be used to capture instructions, carry out KYC checks, book appointments, process payments and provide visibility of the customer journey. Lifeium are offering a B2B product aimed at helping law firms get more business using modern tech. They are offering an extended free trial.Small Firm
ActionsteplinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideFree AccessTo help firms not already using Actionstep and struggling to run their practices remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak Actionstep is offering its Express matter management product free for the next 6 months.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Calls9linkiconCrisis ManagementWorldwideFree AccessCalls9 are offering their Knowledge Plus software free of charge for 3 months to help firms, businesses and charities provide quick and easy access to their key knowledge and let users manage, update and share essential information with their teams and clients.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
IITR Datenschutz GmbHlinkiconRisk and ComplianceEuropeFree AccessData protection compliance is only one of many challenges that companies face when employees work from home. To assist with this, IITR have decided to make their digital training courses available for free for three months.(Courses in German and English)Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Paperless AcademylinkiconKnow HowEuropeDiscountPaperless Academy offers step-by-step instructions to eliminate paper from your work or home. We'll give a 25% discount on any course or bundle to anyone who contacts us via the website and mentions The Legal Technologist!Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
FlipletlinkiconApp CreationWorldwideFree AccessFliplet have a free account enabling anyone to produce no-code/low-code web apps for free. They are happy to discuss native mobile solutions if this is also required. Fliplet has worked with over 50 global law firms and have a number prebuilt templates that can be fully customised.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
LexublinkiconKnow HowAsiaFree Access'Lexub' is a lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace. They are offering lawyers commission-free listing of COVID-19 related legal documents. Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
The Fair Proposals SystemlinkiconDispute ResolutionUSFree AccessAn attorney on either side of any sort of a claim for money can use the Fair Proposal system for $125, or $0 if they are doing LSR, pro bono, or FOA work in this crisis. There are no other charges to either side.SME; Legal Aid Charity
JurolinkiconContract ManagementWorldwideFree AccessJuro is trying to help businesses manage their contracts remotely during this difficult time, so they're making basic plans free for new users. With the free plans, businesses can add up to two users so they can create, collaborate and agree on contracts right away. Small Firm; SME
dealcloserlinkiconTransaction ManagementUSReduced RateDealcloser are currently offering 50% off a 1 year subscription or 6 months if going month to month. They are also willing to offer an extended trial period.Small Firm; SME
LegaticslinkiconTransaction ManagementWorldwideFree AccessLegatics is offering all new customers full access to its entire platform for free for the next 6 months (up until 30 September 2020), and is rolling-out free webinar training for both existing and prospective customers.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
LegllinkiconPayment ProcessingEuropeFree TrialLegl provides an online payments tool enables law firms to maintain cashflow while working remotely by giving clients a way to pay invoices anytime, anywhere, and without the need for office staff to be present. Legl are waiving the first four weeks of transaction fees and are launching a 24 hour implementation process without the need for a face-to-face meeting. Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
OlyverlinkiconRisk and ComplianceUSFree AccessOlyver App is currently undergoing beta testing so can be accessed for free.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
The SenatelinkiconRisk and ComplianceEuropeFree AccessThe Senate is a private platform to leverage your trusted network for up-to-the-minute market views on regulatory issues. It is offering free pilots and is also interested involving start ups.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
XakialinkiconMatter ManagementWorldwideFree TrialXakia is offering a free 14-day pilot of our legal matter management software. Our simple, secure, cloud-based platform lets in-house legal teams of all sizes and industries easily manage workload and deadlines.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
LibryolinkiconKnow HowWorldwideFree AccessLibryo is offering free access to it's platform to track COVID-19 regulation for some countries and US states (see link for more details). It helps organisations ensure they are on top of their compliance and legal obligations.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
SummizelinkiconDocument ReviewWorldwideFree TrialSummize are offering a free 30-day trial of our contract summary software, which helps speed up contract review processes for legal teams.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Doc2linkiconContract ManagementEuropeExtended Trial PeriodAt Doc2 we are offering extended free trials to SMEs who need longer to evaluate our software so that they can come out of this in a stronger position.Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
LawgatelinkiconCommunicationWorldwideExtended Trial PeriodWe are a platform for secure encrypted video consultation between lawyers and client, world wide. We offer the service free of charge for one year to any lawyer joining now. (as at 23rd April 2020)Small Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Hey LegallinkiconKnow HowEuropeFree AccessHey Legal have made all their training content free over the pandemic periodSmall Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Qweri by LexumlinkiconKnow HowWorldwideExtended Trial PeriodLexum are offering 12 month free trial period for their Qweri applicationSmall Firm; SME; Legal Aid Charity
Lumix by Now DiscoverylinkiconeDiscoveryUSFree AccessNow Discovery offer a free subscription tier for accounts with a single user and less that 10gb of storageSmall Firm; Legal Aid Charity
AiLanthuslinkiconDocument AutomationUSFree AccessAiLanthus are offering free document automation beta accounts on their platform. They are giving enterprise level customization for free to small and solo attorneys and legal aid society. Specialities include family law, Immigration and product liability.Small Firm; Legal Aid Charity

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