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The CEO – Josh Harris (Doc2)


My name is Josh Harris and I am the CEO and co-founder of Doc2, a legal technology platform that drastically improves the contract creation and eSigning process for SME businesses. 

As a founder of a technology business, my day-to-day role varies quite dramatically depending on what the priority is. A typical day will include a combination of the following; client set up and management, discussions with the technical development team as well as sales, marketing and social media.

What I enjoy the most is speaking with our clients, getting to know their businesses, and their processes. From here, it’s about seeing how we can assist to make their processes more efficient, and therefore, their business more competitive within their industry. As we work across a wide range of industries, understanding each business is paramount. It is only then that we can implement the optimum solution to deliver the best, and industry beating results.

Getting satisfied customer testimonials, feedback and seeing dramatic process improvement is a real perk of the job. And as with any SaaS product, the continued relationship is always exciting to see how two businesses can continue to work together.

How I got there

My background is as a Chartered Accountant and a corporate tax advisor at a Big 4 accounting firm. It was here where I experienced terrible inefficiencies in document creation. It became apparent that thousands of hours were wasted each week on low value adding, but necessary, document tasks. This included copy and pasting, editing word documents and getting documents physically signed. Not only was this happening in my firm, but in businesses, big and small, across the country every single day.

I found these processes painful and importantly I believed the lack of innovative technology had both a damaging impact on our clients and productivity as a whole. Thankfully, my brother (and co-founder), is a developer. This enabled us to create a platform that alleviated the document creation issues I was facing and deliver these to business throughout the UK and the rest of the world though a SaaS platform.

For us it was clear that the SME legal technology market is severely under invested in, and therefore, represented a massive potential opportunity. We started prototyping straight away and launched Doc2 in late 2018. Since then we have been continually iterating and improving our offering to creating a seamless document creation and eSigning platform.

Advice on this route

Leaving the comfort of a well-paid, stable job to start up a business was no easy feat. However, this is a route that shouldn’t necessarily be discounted. As with any business, it requires a lot of planning, persistence and patience. And if you have planned, persisted and been patient, the benefits of running your own business can far outweigh the stability you had previously.

The first port of call is to identify a problem. The easiest way to go about this is looking at your day-to-day life, whether at home or at work, and look for the things that really wind you up, not just a little bit, but seriously frustrate you. Then, you just need to answer two more questions; ‘can I, with what and who I know, solve this problem’ and ‘can I somehow monetise this solution’? If the answer is yes to both of these, it’s time to plan.

Planning is one of the most important steps. It’s at this point where you can actually decide if your idea will work, both technically and commercially. Planning is relatively simple, although not necessarily quick. Draw up some designs of your solution, then write down all of the possible problems and risks to the business – yes all of them – and then try to solve them. If there are big ones that you simply can’t solve, then you may have to move onto another idea. This might feel like a lot of wasted time, however, you will most likely save yourself even more wasted time and money than if you had just ploughed on through, ignoring the elephant in the room.

Persistence is key, just because the first idea and weeks of planning didn’t result in a business coming to fruition, it doesn’t mean you should stop. Try again, and again and again until you find something that works – this is where the patience comes in. Eventually, you’ll get there.

If you’re interested in finding our more about Doc2 or starting your own business (legal tech or otherwise), add me on LinkedIn and drop me a message, I’m more than happy to help.

Josh Harris


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