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The Legal Technologist Story


The Legal Technologist has published 9 main issues and one careers supplement since May 2018, drawing on articles from contributors around the world and providing perspectives on the latest issues affecting law and technology. Marc May is the founder/editor of the magazine and explains the journey from light bulb moment to the bi-monthly publication it is now.

It was back in early 2018 while working as an Automation Specialist at RPC that I first had a light bulb moment about pulling together articles around legal tech into a newsletter. I reflected on my time during my degree and Legal Practice Course and concluded that there was next to no information about how technology was impacting legal practice.

I understood that technology was changing and modernising the profession but there didn’t seem to be any information on what effect it was going to have on either of the two university courses. I felt that there was little conversation about how the lawyers of the future would actually practice law – how would they draft documents or interact with their clients using technology?

There was nothing focused on those at the junior end, which in my mind was the very people that should understand the importance of innovation and how technology could assist them during their legal careers. I thought these people brought up from an early age on a diet of technology would be the champions of change within the legal profession.

In March 2018, I published my first ‘newsletter’ which turned out in the end to be more of a magazine. I was lucky in that I was able to interview Peter Wright from the Law Society, as well as acquiring articles from Coralie McKeivor on social media, Harper James (a law firm) and an interview article from Becky Baker (who has been Junior Editor of the magazine for over a year now). The rest of the articles were written by me.

I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen from there. I published it and hoped for the best! I was happy that at the time it was well received. If it wasn’t, I didn’t really know whether I would have been able to write enough material to fill a second issue!

Luckily the magazine went from strength to strength from then on. As more issues were published the greater the following and engagement, and in turn the greater number of people were keen to volunteer article contributions. Before long, Becky had joined the magazine as Junior Editor and Eaindra Cho had joined as Marketing Manager. Without their contribution the magazine wouldn’t be where it is today.

In September 2019 Stephenie Ong had joined as International Relations Manager, looking at partnerships for the magazine at home and abroad, as well as becoming a regular contributor.

By November 2019, the magazine (and its website) is visited by thousands of people from all over the world. Our social media channels have thousands of followers with more following each day. The magazine itself is now exactly how I imagined it to be, a melting pot of different opinions from around the world on how technology is impacting the law.

I suppose I am writing this so that our readership gets a feel for how the magazine came about and are able to form more of a personal connection to it. In the coming months we will also add video content from each of us involved with the magazine.

I’m lucky to have a team that are passionate about legaltech and about educating the next generation of lawyers. We all volunteer our time to produce each magazine and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we feel it has a bright future ahead. Please do provide your feedback as it makes it really worthwhile for us to hear from happy readers.

Marc May


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