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AI use cases in the legal realm are starting to snowball – and that wasn’t necessarily a foregone conclusion just a few short years ago. Today, AI is moving into a growing number

The legal sector came 6th place for data breaches in 2023, uncovering persistent compliance issues in the sector. Data breach expert says staff training in basic data handling practices should be prioritised. Since 2019, the ICO has been

Almost everyone with whom we speak in the legal profession believes Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform how we work and the solutions we offer for our clients. We often hear: “If you’re not

In an era of escalating cyber threats, safeguarding client information has become an imperative for law firms. With a staggering 75% of UK law firms encountering a cyber-attack in the past year -

The ubiquitous nature of emojis is undeniable. With billions sent daily, these small digital icons have become deeply ingrained in our communication and seamlessly integrated into our everyday digital lives, irrespective of whether

Legal technologists and legal technology suppliers, a partnership and tale as old as time (or rather the past 10 or so years since legal tech has boomed). As accidental technologists and members of

Welcome to the era of automation - where the legal industry finds itself at a crossroads between innovation and tradition. Embracing technology in the legal sector is no longer a choice; it's a

Last month, I was very lucky to participate in the renowned WIPO-UNIGE Summer Programme on Intellectual Property Law. Being able to get a glimpse behind the scenes of WIPO, naturally led me to