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What do you do now and what do you enjoy about it? I recently took a bold step forward in my professional journey by becoming an independent Legal Tech specialist. I take charge of

*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation… That was me last year sat on the stage of a panel discussion entitled “Shape and Structure of Law Firms

Happy belated International Women’s Day to all Legal Technologist readers! The accidental technologists (all being women) were keen to celebrate IWD and use this article to honour women in technology, carrying on the brilliant

It’s almost five years to the day that I founded the Legal Technologist. The first publication was a bit of a newsletter – which contained mainly my articles on what I thought about document

Lawyers know how to learn. That’s our job. However, one of my biggest career challenges has been learning about myself. I’ve struggled to align my work with my values.. When people ask about my

Experiment, learn and iterate. This product management ethos has certainly been the story of my career journey. Deciding on law Casting my mind back, I’m doing my A levels and considering next steps. I’m told

An increasing number of law firms are hiring lawyers who can code in order to help them optimize their internal processes. It is a unique profile of a person who understands the intersection

In recent years, the legal sector has undergone a lot of welcomed change. However, certain aspects in the sector are still quite traditional and can be perceived as dividing. Your colleagues are most