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In an era defined by dynamic technological innovation and a drive for legal empowerment, the Middle East's legaltech landscape is experiencing a profound shift towards a harmonious integration of law and technology. This

There is a legal language that is more universal than text, that can communicate across language and cultural barriers: it is the language of visual images. Professor Michael D Murray Olga V. Mack, Vice President,

As a result of Covid-19, it has become clear that there needs to be a more efficient way for lawyers to work around the globe. This calls for an innovative approach to work

The modern age is characterised by many upheavals and far-reaching changes in short periods of time. Like many other professions these days, the concern regarding the future of the profession does not skip

The Change in the In-house Counseling Position and Role In the last ten years the in-house legal profession has grown rapidly and consistently. Now  approximately 20-25% of lawyers work in-house, and in the UK,

by Alice Namuli Blazevic Technology is at the forefront of our growth as a continent. Africa has witnessed phenomenal growth in the ICT sector in the past decades; internet use statistics indicate that Africa’s

“OK Nick, so I’ve set you up with 5 RDP sessions here into each of our SQL servers and here are the two Microsoft Access databases, on this USB stick, that we need