Contracting Smarter

Sabina Horgan from Thread.Legal looks at what lawyers should know about Smart Contracts.

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Autto Mate

We speak with Max Cole, Co-Founder of Autto, about his platform, developing legal tech applications and the future of law.

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Legally Biased

Bias affects how non-lawyers view AI, Agnes Foy discusses why in this article.

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The Legal Technologist

This is the online space for The Legal Technologist magazine. The key aim for both the magazine and this space is to provide thought-provoking articles on how technology is affecting the work of lawyers.

Our focus is on law students and those that are in the early stages of their legal career, where information on how lawyers use legal technology can be scarce. We provide articles explaining particular technologies, opinion articles on the future of law and interviews with respected people in their fields.

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