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Middle East Focus: JusticeTech Updates

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law’s (HiiL) highly anticipated event this year for JusticeTech, “Tech the Justice Gap”, on November 29th in Tunis, sheds light on how technology can transform and improve Access to Justice, prioritizing a fairer, more accessible, and affordable  for all.  

The global issue is addressed by centralizing the theme around the primary questions:

(i) “Can technology serve as the bridge to close this gap?”  

(ii) “Can it be finely tailored to meet the essential needs of individuals?” 

To find answers to the abovementioned challenges, a wide variety of startups, government  representatives, justice stakeholders, and investors are brought together at the event. The highly awaited event comprises pitches from Justice accelerator startups and the eagerly  anticipated announcement of the Innovating Justice Award winners. HiiL’s distinguished jury  members will select the three winners, who will also be awarded €20.000, €15.000, and €5.000, respectively.

“Tech the Justice Gap”, showcases 17 cutting-edge startups from Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia,  Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Jordan. These startups have progressed to this stage after rigorous selection criteria and proceeded to the finale of this year’s Justice Accelerator  programme. 

In addition to panel discussions with thought leaders, startups and investors in the justice  ecosystem, startup pitches aiming to bridge justice disparities, and networking, one can also find the stellar Justice Tech Exhibition which will include exploring the technology connection, data,  justice-tech startups, how artists visualise people-centered justice. 

Before the main event, “Tech the Justice Gap”, there are additional virtual sessions organized for  attendees such as “The Future of Legal Marketplaces”, and, “The Future of Justice: Public  Services”, which include expert panellists like Christophe Zoghbi, Founder of Zaka, and Nelson  Nkari, Founder of Legal Point Services, Maha Jouini, AI and Data Policy Advisor at TENTICL and  Aniket Doegar, Founder of Haqdarshak, respectively. 

About The Innovating Justice Fund 

The Innovating Justice Fund is referred to as the first-of-its-kind initiative that provides funding  and support to early-stage companies in emerging markets focused on solving justice challenges.  Aiming Sustainable Development Goal 16, the fund addresses promoting peaceful and inclusive  societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all, and much more. 

HiiL and FOUNT have joined hands to come together for the Innovating Justice Fund.  HiiL has been at the forefront of the justice tech ecosystem focusing on people-centred justice  programmes across Africa and the Middle East. FOUNT is the Fund Manager, prominent in the  impact investment sector. 

In the recent Innovating Justice Fund blog, “Africa and MENA: 6 startups to watch in justice-tech”,  justice-tech startups’ potential is emphasized and described as “the unsung heroes of our justice  system, using innovation as a force for good”. Furthermore, six promising justice startups are  highlighted by the Innovating Justice Fund include:  

1. Sidebrief (Techstars ’22),  


3. Iverify.ng, 

4. Civitas 

5. Lexyom, and  

6. Haqdarshak 


About the event-‘Tech the Justice Gap’: https://www.hiil.org/programmes/the-justice accelerator/acceleration-programme/demo-day/ 

Innovating Justice Fund: https://innovatingjusticefund.org/

Brincy James George

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