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ELTA 2024 Predictions: Northern Europe


Estonia will see these legal technology developments in 2024:

•  FutureLaw conference and other events will showcase legal-tech innovations and trends and promote collaboration and networking among legal professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers from various countries and regions.

•  NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence, a multinational and interdisciplinary hub of cyber defense expertise, in Estonia will create and apply advanced solutions for cyber law and security.

•  E-government infrastructure, including e-Residency program, which offers a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonian public and private e-services (e-tax, e-court, e-registers, banks, investment platforms etc.), will improve and enable cross-border legal transactions, such as e-contracts, e-notarization, e-dispute resolution, and e-enforcement.

•  Legal-tech startups, such as Avokaado, LEGID, Pactum, Flagito, ExtendLaw, Crespect, representing different legal technologies, will foster a culture of innovation and experimentation in the legal-tech community.

Valentin Feklistov

ELTA Ambassador Estonia, CEO, LEGID


Finland is one of the most technologically advanced nations. It gives a solid foundation for the legal tech and legal design ecosystem developments in Finland on the era of Gen AI.

The Gen AI development and its associated impacts are expected to take the center stage in legal tech talks in 2024. The hype has ignited interest in enhancing organizational data capabilities and will continue to spark discussions regarding the skills required for future lawyers.

A network of Finnish legaltechies has grown into a community comprising more than 200 seasoned professionals. A significant growth of the network is expected as the network has opened its doors to all professionals interested in legal tech or legal design in Finland. Together, we will create a shared language for the digital transformation that lies ahead.

Heikki Ilvessalo 

ELTA Ambassador Finland, CEO, ILVES


We anticipate the flourishing of Icelandic legaltech startups and scaleups, with new and promising solutions on the horizon. In Iceland there is a strong ecosystem for startups. Given the country‘s small population, Icelandic entrepenueurs tend to have a global focus from the beginning. The government’s initiatives reflect Iceland’s culture of innovation. Entrepreneurs benefit from favorable legislation, where they can take advantage of one of Europe’s lowest tax rates, along with incentives for research and development as well as green energy initiatives. 

The companies in legaltech in Iceland are currently focusing on creating advances CMS systems, a legal research platform, virtual reality court room and eCourt System that allows stakeholders in legal proceedings to handle documents in a trusted & secure way by using eIDAS compliant trust services. The legal services industry will likely explore these innovations and others in their quest to enhance work quality and achieve superior results.

Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir

ELTA Ambassador Iceland, Founder and CEO, Justikal

Photo by Mihis Alex: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-toy-car-on-world-map-paper-21014/

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